Welcome to S&S Auto Locksmith

We are a mobile vehicle locksmith within the Edinburgh, Lothians and surrounding areas.

We provide automotive key cutting / programming
and replacement keys for around 90% of vehicles on the road, cars / vans / light vehicles.

We also provide non destructive vehicle entry for lost keys or keys locked within the vehicle.

Auto Locksmith Services

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Original Remote Key

Prices from £195

Remote Key

Prices from £155

Universal Remote Key

Prices from £130

Refurbish Key

Prices from £60

Non Remote Key

Prices from £75

Vehicle Entry 

Prices from £95

Vehicle Entry &
Key Replacement

Prices from £225

How we cut a replacement car key 

There is 3 steps to replacing a lost key  decoding door lock then cutting replacement key and reprogramming new key 

if you have a spare key then this goes down to a 2 step  replacement   cutting and programming  


Decoding  door lock

Step 1
this is for lost keys or vehicle lock out 

Cutting key blade 

Step 2
we need to input the decoded key in to machine to cut the replacement key 

Program key to car 

Step 3
we now need to program key to car for it to allow the immobilizer to be switched when starting